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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More Info on HORSIES

Stallion: Male horse, that can breed
Mare, female horse
Patriach: Only stallion in the group, the rest consists of mares, and foals
Alpha mare: Basically the leader
Harem bands: Herd consiting of mares, foals, and one stallion (Patriach)
Bachelor band: Group of young stallions living together trying to make a harem (Individually)

Pretty horses :)

I like pretty horses


Sooooo, Bullhooks
Well, they are generally used to beat the animal into submission, and there was one instance where an animal didnt perform correctly and was taken outside and beaten by five people. It's bad enough that these animals live in spaces WAY to small for them, and then the beatings??? Really??? Personnally, I think it should be banned, I will try to have a pettion to ban them SOON!!!
Back to info,
The reason that these animals are beaten is that the people think that if they beat these animals they can scare them into submission. One instance is where a trainer drove a bullhook through the elephants ear!!!! If that isnt animal cruelty, I dont know what is. In order to cover up the scars (and holes in the case stated above) the cirus uses "wonder dust" which covers the animals injuries up so that the public doesn't see the injustice that these animals suffer. Once my petition comes out, PLEASE SIGN!!! It could help all those innocent elephants.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I have not posted in awhile. Sorry!
So, info on animals.....
Circuses use bullhooks on the elephants and they can scar the animals.
I HATE CIRCUSES!!!!! I shall have more info later.